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Shop to blend the rules. Eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes and lip colors from James Charles, Jaclyn Hill, and others. A beauty brand created for the creators.


  1. Posted by mischababa, — Reply

    This is not the real James Charles because if it was a person like him you would not be able to message him, I know this because celebrities don’t allow you to message them 😉

  2. Posted by julianaray08, — Reply

    Ok so I know he most likely reads none of these comments but I have an idea and hopefully he see’s it I was thinking maybe he could like take the Harry Potter sorting hat quiz and do a makeup look for each of the houses maybe he could do this with Larry and his other friends

  3. Posted by anikaandnalah07, — Reply

    Am I the only one that thinks james should make a highlighter by its self because his face shade in the palette is bomb!

  4. Posted by maddieandelijahoffical_, — Reply

    Wait if your james charles why do you have a board my boyfriend shawn mendens 😐😂😂❤️

  5. Posted by apple_blossom3544, — Reply

    Is this the real James Charles account tho we can’t trust a lot of people

  6. Posted by ms_ellary, — Reply

    How is he so good at makeup and why does mine look like a trash bag?

  7. Posted by zara_raine, — Reply

    That’s like one of my favourite art designs that he has done so far

  8. Posted by onlyinsainelaughs, — Reply

    Go check out my activist board and message me if you want to join

  9. Posted by kinzley3, — Reply

    That is gorgeous. I am sister shook!!!❤️❤️

  10. Posted by teanna_skye, — Reply

    Hi babe luv u soo much james do h reply to fans cxxxx

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